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Town of Mohawk
Zoning Map

Town of Mohawk Zoning Map 2016

Building and Code Officer
Stan Waddle
Phone: (518) 774-0420

The Code Officer shall receive applications for permits to construct, alter, use or occupy any building or land and shall issue such permits to applicants having complied with building codes. Download the Town of Mohawk NY Building Permit Application.

The Code Officer shall have the right to enter and inspect any building or premises and examine any plans during the daytime course of his duties to determine whether or not any construction, alterations or use of any building or use of land is in conformance with any permit issued.

The Code Officer shall order, in writing the remedying of any conditions or the cessation of any construction, alteration or use found to be in violation of any provision or of any conditions which may have been attached to the issuance of a permit to construct, alter or use a building or lot.