Bill Holvig, Town of Mohawk Highway Superintendent






Bill Holvig, Highway Superintendent Bill Holvig, Highway Superintendent Since 1995

Phone: (518) 853-3312

Welcome to the Town of Mohawk Highway Department.

We are located at 4 Park Street, Fonda, NY 12068 in beautiful Montgomery County, New York. The Highway Department's first priority is the safety of the residents and visitors traveling on Town roads.

The Roads in our Town
Within our Town there are 3 types of roads; State, County and Town.

State Roads:
The State roads are plowed, mowed and maintained by the State. These are: Route 5, Route 30A, Route 334, and Route 67.

County Roads:
Montgomery County DPW contracts with the Town for snow plowing, salting and sanding during the winter months and mowing during the summer months, but the roads are maintained by the County. There are approximately 33 center line miles of County roads in the Town. These are: Albany Bush, Hickory Hill, Martin, Old Trail and Oswegatchie, Persse, Stone Arabia, Stoners Trail, Switzer Hill Roads and Mohawk Drive.

Town Roads:
The Town consists of approximately 33 center line miles of Roads. All those not listed above are Town Roads.

If you would like to email us with questions about the Highway Department, our email address is