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The Town Board/Audit Committee meets every second Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm. Followed by our Regular Town Board Meeting at 7:00pm. The public is welcome to attend both sessions.

Tax Status

To check your Town of Mohawk tax status click here. Note, this will take you to a site hosted by BAS (The Town of Mohawk does not warrant the accuracy of this site; it is provided as a convenience).

Town Supervisor


Town Supervisor

Ed Bishop

Cell: (518) 332-6931

Home: (518) 853-1777

Ed Bishop, Town of Mohawk Supervisor

Time to change my information to be more timely as we work our way through this pandemic.

As of now the annexation appears to have died a slow death. Fulton County chose not to pursue the property further. In so doing time has run out and the annexation is dead. Thank you all who supported our efforts to retain our land.

As of now the Town has a moratorium on any new solar projects. Our Planning Board is working at updating our solar, site plan, property maintenance and zoning laws. This is expected to conclude late this year and will be brought to a public hearing.

Our Highway Department continues to work at maintaining our Town roads and mowing and brush control of those and the County roads in our Town. Winter season is fast approaching and we are preparing for that season as well.

I must remind you that due to these unusual circumstances our funding from sales tax and state aid is taking a major blow. We will continue, with due diligence, to provide you with the best possible service. Our office is open daily from 9 to 3 and Kim is here to answer and help with any questions you may have.

Thanks and stay safe and well.
Your Supervisor,
Edward M. Bishop Sr.
Supervisor, Town of Mohawk




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