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Town Supervisor


Town Supervisor

Ed Bishop

Cell: (518) 332-6931

Home: (518) 853-1777

Ed Bishop, Town of Mohawk Supervisor

   As another year goes by and we prepare for 2018 there are a few things that should interest you.

We have adopted five new Local Laws in 2017:

1. Site Plan
2. Solar
3. Subdivision
4. Alarm Systems
5. Flood Plain

A copy can be had by visiting our office. The other major undertaking continues to be the annexation of Town of Mohawk land into the City of Johnstown and Fulton County. This could possibly lead to the loss of 260 + acres of farmland for the purpose of increasing the size of the Johnstown Industrial Park.

As it stands now, the Fulton County EDC (Economic Development Corporation) is performing a DEIS (Draft Environmental Impact Statement) based on a scope provided to them by the Town of Mohawk.

That document will be reviewed for the town by Chazen Engineering and will determine if it met the requirements of the DEIS.

The next step of course will be determined by a law judge. The judge will determine if the annexation is in the best interest of the public and his decision will be final.

I hope you all noticed that the town did reduce your property tax by 50%. We will continue to keep your best interest in mind.

Remember we are here 9-3 daily if you want to stop by.

Edward M. Bishop Sr. Supervisor, Town of Mohawk




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